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Interested In Engaging Your Class?

"Imagine a model that invites students to use their smartphones and tablets to enrich presentations in the lecture hall, instead of banning them. Ripple has drawn a new level of engagement and excitement in our large lecture hall classes and it offers the flexibility needed by almost every discipline."

John Park
Arts Faculty, University of Oregon

Whether it is a lecture hall, small classroom, boardroom or auditorium, Ripple can make any presentation dynamic and memorable by allowing you to truly connect with your audience. Ripple is a free Audience/Personal Response System to add enhanced interactivity to classroom environment.

Centrally Hosted and Free

UO Libraries will host and support a central install of the software for use by faculty, staff, and students. Any staff or faculty member can log in with their duck id to be a presenter. At this time, students can only use the software as an audience member.

Any Device, Anywhere

Student can use any mobile device for Ripple. Strong Wi-fi signal will improve performance.*

Feedback in Seconds

Built from the ground up for real time interaction, Ripple sends and displays feedback in milliseconds.

Variety of Questions

Ripple comes with six different question types currently: True/False, Multiple Choice, Open Response, Numerical, Sliding Scale, and Word Cloud.

Don't find what you like? More question types are being developed at this very moment.

See Ripple in Action!