Russia's Identity and Geography

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Russia's Identity and Geography
Where Europe and Asia Meet
Julia Nemirovskaya
Instructor of Russian Language and Culture
Russian and East European Culture

Russian 1 - Challenge

To create a series on animated tutorials which illustrate various aspects of Russian history and culture to UO student enrolled in RUSS 240: Russian Culture.

Russian 1 - Background

In 2009, UO instructor Julia Nemirovskaya began work with Interactive Media on a series of online tutorials which allowed student to study the course materials outside of class. Dr Nemirovskaya had a vision of ten animated tutorials with integrated quizzes which would cover a range of historical and cultural topics.

Russian 1 - Solution

The first of the Russian Culture tutorial series introduces students to concepts which influence Russian culture such as how Russia’s geographic location has shaped the idea of its Eurasian nature. Students learn about Russia’s neighboring countries, the location and pronunciation of Russian cities, and important cultural symbols. Many of these concepts are supported by activities which allow students to interact with the content and help reinforce what they learn. The use of Flash animation, audio, rich graphic design and targeted instructional activities creates a unique learning experience for students both inside and outside of class.