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NMI - Challenge

To illustrate concepts of New Media within a simple online game environment for AAD 251, Art and Visual Literacy -- a fully online course at the University of Oregon.

NMI - Background

In 2007, instructor Robert Voelker-Morris asked Interactive Media to produce an online game to teach students about issues surrounding new media (the Web, video games, digital images, computer mediated art, etc). This New Media game needed to integrate instructional audio and video recordings, interactive slideshows and discussion questions into a game setting where students must interact with objects and information to meet set goals.

NMI - Solution

The New Media game is centered around a virtual campus where students must maneuver their animated character to locate clickable objects. These objects, in turn, reveal instructional content and questions important to the students’ participation in online Blackboard discussions. Using Flash animation, this game provides students with a fun, interactive experience which engages them with course content in a way that supports key pedagogical objectives.