Napoleon's 1805 Ulm-Austerlitz Interactive Campaign Map

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Napoleon - Challenge

Produce an interactive timeline which displayed the movement of troops across Europe from September-December, 1805. These animated maps were to include clickable icons to display images, battle statistics, facts and documents.

Napoleon - Background

In History 240: War in the Modern World, senior instructor Alex Dracobly introduces students to the operational complexities of moving large forces and supplies during the Napoleonic era. While this topic could be covered with lecture points and static images, he believed the best way to convey the sheer immensity of this effort over distance, terrain and time was to animate the events on historic maps.

Napoleon - Solution

Using topographic maps, historic data, images, and documents, this interactive timeline allows students to get a feel for the realities of managing such a large campaign over long distances and varied terrain. This is a two phased project for Interactive Media, with the second phase concentrating on the last phases of the campaign, the integration of historic documents and the development of an administration tool.