Asian Advance: The Mongols, the Fall of Kiev, and the Rise of Moscow

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The Asian Advance
The Mongols, the Fall of Kiev, and the Rise of Moscow
Julia Nemirovskaya
Instructor of Russian Language and Culture
Russian and East European Studies

Asian Advance - Challenge

To produce an online tutorial which conveyed the geo-political and cultural changes involved in the fall of the Kievan Rus, the invasion of the Mongol empire and the rise of Moscow as the center of the Russian state.

Asian Advance - Background

The instructional focus of this third tutorial was specifically on the political and territorial changes between 12-15 Century which had a significant impact upon Russian culture as it is understood today. As with the other installments in this series, Dr. Nemirovskaya asked that animated narrators be developed to tell the story of these changes alongside other important facts and legends which shape Russian history.

Asian Advance - Solution

In this third installment of the Russian 240 instructional series, Interactive Media worked closely with Dr Nemirovskaya to develop interactive content which clearly illustrated the impact of the Mongol invasions on 12th-15th Century Russia. Incorporating animated maps, quizzes and activities, this learning object provides a fun, colorful and interactive overview of Russian history and culture appropriate for students at all levels.