Ancient Russia: Origins and History

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Ancient Russia - Challenge

To develop an interactive, online tutorial which engaged students in the history of the Russian people from Scythian legends to the foundation of the first Russian state.

Ancient Russia - Background

In this second animated tutorial, instructor Julia Nemirovskaya wanted to introduce her students to the origins of the Russian people and the foundation of the first Russian state. This new narrative needed to present topics ranging from Scythian legends to the Cyrillic alphabet and the history of the Kievan Rus.

Ancient Russia - Solution

Keeping with the design and format of the first Russian 240 tutorial, Interactive Media utilized Flash to present animated characters, interactive maps, video clips, audio narration, and simple quizzes to support Dr. Nemirovskaya’s instructional objectives. The result was a fun, engaging online tutorial which students of Russian culture could access inside and outside of class.