American English Institute Website Redesign

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American English Institute
Website Redesign
Wendy Ames
Director of Marketing and Alumni Relations
American English Institute

AEI - Challenge

Redesign the website to provide improved navigation and content organization and create a fresh, dynamic feel with the use of image galleries, videos and social media. With an international audience, it was also important that the website be easy to use on mobile devices.

AEI - Background

The American English Institute (AEI) at the University of Oregon provides English language programs and services to students and teachers on-campus and around the world. The AEI website is one of the first places prospective students come to get information about the program; therefore it is essential for the site to highlight what makes the program, and the University of Oregon, truly unique.

AEI - Solution

The first steps in improving the AEI website navigation and content organization was to conduct research into how AEI students used the current website and what terminology was best for second language learners. This research, and the client’s own emphasis on social media, led us to integrate more visually dynamic content into the site with photo galleries, videos, and student testimonials. To keep this content fresh, the redesigned site was implemented in the Drupal content management system, which provides administrative tools for easy content updates.