Alaskan Rock Art Database

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Alaskan Rock Art Database
Documenting Alaskan Rock Art
Madonna Moss
Professor of Anthropology
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

Alaskan Rock Art - Challenge

The Alaskan Rock Art project required the creation of a tool to support the study, documentation, interpretation and preservation of Alaskan Rock art. This tool also needed to adhere to specific client restrictions for access and dissemination.

Alaskan Rock Art - Background

In 2006, graduate teaching fellow Melissa Baird solicited our services to create an instructional tool to facilitate the data management, preservation and study of two rock art sites in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Due to the location and cultural significance of these sites to native peoples, access to the database needed to be restricted to authorized users.

Alaskan Rock Art - Solution

Due to the access restrictions for this project, Interactive Media developed the Alaskan Rock Art Tool as a Microsoft Access database. The database was installed in labs within the UO Department of Anthropology, giving students read-only access to the content. Another copy of the database was installed on a National Park Service server where NPS staff could grant access upon request. The Alaskan Rock Art database includes detailed site information, image galleries, an image comparison tool and an administration tool for long-term maintenance.