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Twain Challenge

To create an interactive version of Mark Twain’s Memory Builder which allows user to experience the game as Twain originally intended and provides opportunities to play using historical facts from Twain’s life.

Twain background

In Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline, Dan Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton show how history has been visually represented over time. Many of the historical artifacts depicted in the book have functional components which allow users to interact with the historical data represented. While this interaction is lost in a book, much can be replicated via an online tools. The goal of Mark Twain’s Memory Builder interactive game is to allow users to experience Twain’s game as well as understand the historical content they present.

Twain solution text

Mark Twain’s Memory Builder allows you to play an online version of Twain’s board game three different ways: with Twains original rules, with facts about Twain’s life and with facts from the pamphlet Twain provided with his original game. This interactive site presents a digitized version of Twain’s original game board and rules and provides historical background on the game itself.