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Ripple Audience Response System
Empower your audience
John Park
Digital Arts

Ripple - challenge text

To enhance instruction by increasing interaction between instructor and students; giving the presenter variety in the types of questions he/she can ask the audience; and limiting financial cost to faculty and students.

Ripple - background

During Spring term 2012, Interactive Media meet with Digital Arts instructor John Park to discuss how we could help him increase instructional engagement in large lecture classes. John wanted to use mobile devices that his students were bringing to class to add interactivity. He also wanted a system that could send Open Sound Control messages in order to visualize student responses using digital processing sketches. After surveying the current product market, Interactive media found that no existing tools met the project requirements. With this in mind, we began the design and development of Ripple.

Ripple - solution

Interactive Media created Ripple, a free, interactive, audience response system that allows presenters to survey audience members in real time through their mobile devices. Ripple gives presenters six different question types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Open Response, Numeric, Variable Slider and Word Cloud. Ripple is Open Source (GPLv3) and can be found on Github []. For more information about Ripple check out --