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Graphicacy - Challenge

Develop an online quizzing tool which allows students to practice reading and interpreting graphs. Phase two of this project would focus on building an administrative interface which would allow instructors to create and share graphing questions.

Graphicacy - Background

The University of Oregon Science Literacy Program offers General Education science courses to non-science majors. During Fall term 2012, Interactive Media met with Science Literacy Program faculty to identify concepts or topics that students seem to struggle with across disciplines. The instructional need which rose to the top was the interpretation of graphs. Reading and interpreting graphs has proved to be a challenge for non-science and science majors alike. With this in mind, Interactive Media began collaborating with a small group of Science Literacy faculty to develop an online quizzing tool to provide practice opportunities.

Graphicacy - Solution

The Graphicacy quizzing tools allows science literacy students to practice reading and interpreting graphs both inside and outside of class. Initial responses are recorded for instructor review, but students may attempt to answer questions as many times as they like. Once students have submitted their quizzes, they can return to the tool to review the correct answers. Science Literacy instructors may use the Graphicacy administrative tool to create both static and dynamic questions, to share questions with other instructors and to create multiple quizzes across courses.