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Our Process

At the heart of all the Digital Scholarship projects is a systematic approach to design and development based on understanding user and client needs and objectives. Whether a project supports a large-enrollment course or the entire UO community, our goal is to collaborate with faculty and staff in following a user-centered process to develop interactive, engaging tools which meets their teaching, research and business needs.

Discovery & Analysis

Each project begins with a discovery and analysis phase where we sit down with instructors to understanding their teaching style, any gaps between current and desired learning outcomes and how technology could help bridge these gaps while increasing student engagement. During this phase we gather all requirements for project implementation including information about the target audience, teaching and learning objectives, timeline, content and technical specifications. Check out our Request Services page to see some of the questions we ask during this phase.

Design & Usability

With a clear understanding of the project requirements, we move into the design and usability phase. Design and usability is about more than making a project look nice. It is about creating a systematic approach to instruction, how it will be presented, how students will interact with it, what terminology, content organization and navigational structures are the most intuitive (information architecture) and how visual design can work to support instructional goals. In some projects this means including one-on-one usability testing to learn how students and users interact with a proposed interface and content in order to gauge how they can be improved.


Development is where it all comes together. From the outset of all our projects we begin researching appropriate technologies, creating prototypes and thinking through all aspects of implementation. The development phase is then spent implementing our technical research and decisions, coding our designs and developing back-end systems to make a project completely functional.

Quality Assurance & Implementation

Before any project is launched, we conduct quality assurance or bug testing to ensure that errors in functionality, design or content are eliminated and the project is ready for prime time. This is an iterative process of reporting, fixing and verifying bugs before final release. At the end of this process our team delivers the final product, ensuring that it is fully functional wherever and however it will be implemented.